Freelance photographer with special interest in urban & industrial landscapes, macro-and travel photography.

The majority of the photographs are taken with a Canon 6D & 550D in combination with a 24-70mm & 70-300mm Tamron lenses as well as a custom built macro lens.

My interest in photography started from an early age.  Working on a tugboat as a young kid introduced me to the never ceasing activities in the dutch harbors and related industrial areas.  These same complexes would draw me back much later in life. Although not always photogenic by day, at night-time these places often transform themselves to spectacular and colorful sceneries which they often lack by day.

Photography has taught me to see the world in more detail by looking & studying the subject from different angles. Especially when shooting macro; it feels like entering another world, a new and almost hidden dimension with its own dynamics and mysterious drama’s passing by merely unnoticed. A world in which still is much to be explored..

The majority of the images are available for both non- as well as commercial use.

For any inquiries please feel free to contact me.

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